Sarah Skwire

Sarah Skwire joined the CEC on November 6th, 2014 to speak on the topic, “A Woman Needs the State Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle”. Sarah is the author of the college writing textbook, Writing with a Thesis, which is currently in it’s 11th edition. She has also published a range of academic articles. She graduated from Wesleyan University with honors and earned her PhD and MA in English from the University of Chicago.

Links to websites referenced:
The Institute for Justice
Sarah Skwire’s website

Dr. Timur Kuran

Dr. Timur Kuran of Duke University Timurjoined the CEC for lunch at The Palmetto Club on September 30th, 2014 to speak about “The Political Consequences of Islam’s Economic Legacy”. Dr. Kuran is a professor of Economics and Political Science & Gorter Family Professor of Islamic Studies at Duke University.